Has your legal bill come as a bit of a shock…?

At My Legal Bill, we know you only see a solicitor when it’s important. Whether you’re an individual or corporate organisation, we are here to help with all legal bills from divorce to land disputes, litigation to employment law.

So when your solicitor’s legal bill lands on your doormat and it’s more than you were expecting, it’s only natural to feel worried about how to check it’s right - and what to do if it isn’t.

We understand that disputing your solicitor’s charges could seem frightening – and you may feel concerned about how best to approach your solicitor to sort it out. However, there’s no need to worry! Our expert team is here to do all the hard work for you – and our services are entirely confidential too.

Help is at hand if your legal bill seems too much…

No one wants to receive a legal bill that they feel is too high. Let’s face it, you'd query a household bill if it seemed too expensive!

Did you know you have a legal right to question your bill - and also to request a full breakdown of the costs...

Talk to My Legal Bill today…

Solicitors are highly regulated. This means that they must charge fair, accurate and reasonable fees for their services. So don’t worry about your legal bill in silence. It’s important you speak up as soon as you feel your legal bill may be wrong.

It’s best to contact us at the time you receive the legal bill or are requested to make payment. This way we can take immediate action and our team of experts can get to work straightaway.

However, if you’ve already paid your solicitor’s bill but still have a nagging feeling it might have been wrong, get in touch with My Legal Bill today. We can’t make any promises, but our team of experts may still be able to help you.