Frequently Asked Questions

Don't just pay it - and don't be afraid to contact My Legal Bill...

Will my solicitor know I am having my legal bill checked?

In the first instance, we will review your legal bill in complete confidence and with anonymity - so your solicitor will not know you have contacted us. If the bill is fair, accurate and reasonable we will tell you so.

Will it affect the relationship I have with my solicitor?

You have a legal right to request a full breakdown of costs and to check that your solicitor's fees are fair, accurate and reasonable. This should not affect your ongoing relationship with your solicitor.

I have paid money on account, can I still challenge what I have paid and the total bill?

This will depend on the agreement into which you have entered. Get in touch with My Legal Bill and we will see if we can help.

How soon should I contact My Legal Bill?

As soon as possible. Once you are presented with a legal bill and payment has been requested, contact us immediately.

I have been given a one page summary of the work with just a total figure to pay, is this right?

A solicitor's bill should contain sufficient information on the work carried out along with the period of time to which it relates. All charges should be clear and simple to understand. If your bill is confusing, get in touch and we will help.

How long will the process take?

It is very case-specific; however, we will provide regular updates to keep you informed on our progress.