Received a legal bill and feel it’s too much…?

When you need to see a solicitor for important matters, such as divorce, defamation claims, boundary / land disputes, or litigation, it’s only natural that you’ll feel a bit worried. It can also be expensive too. So when you receive your solicitor’s legal bill and it seems higher than you were expecting, what do you do?

Well, for a start there’s no need to worry about your legal bill in silence. That’s because at My Legal Bill our service is entirely confidential. You have a right to question your legal bill, and you are also legally entitled to request a full breakdown of charges if you feel your legal bill isn’t what you were expecting.

At My Legal Bill, we’re not here to catch solicitors out, but we do want to make sure that your bill is correct and you don't pay more than you should. We believe in fair, accurate and reasonable fees.

There are lots of reasons why you might have received a legal bill, so we’ve listed a few below. However, this list is only very brief and by no means exhaustive! So whatever the reason for you having seen a solicitor, if you’ve received a legal bill and you feel it is too high, then talk to us today.


Defamation Claims

Boundary / Land Disputes

Litigants in Person


Litigation or suing another party